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Dandong Ronghua X-Ray Instrument Co.Ltd(originally Dandong Instrument Component Factory, Instrument Component Factory of Dandong Radiative Instrument Co., Ltd) is the base of the ray instrument scientific research and production in China. We started to produce x-ray tubes in 1964. Our x-ray equipment product line was originated in 1976. Ronghua was the birthplace of China’s first industrial x-ray tube.

Dandong Ronghua serves as the committee member of NDT Instrument and Technology Division of National Standardization Technical Committees, the committee member of NDT and Radiology Detection Division of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, and the deputy chair of Vacuum Electronics Division of Chinese Institute of Electronics. Driven by the constant innovation in technology and a long history of expertise in the field, we are the leading provider of x-ray tubes and portable x-ray NDT systems in the market.

In recent years, our award-winning and highly praised inventions such as the 350Kvp series x-ray tubes, 250KVp series x-ray NDT systems, and circumferential ripple ceramic X-ray tubes represent the state-of-the-art technology of x-ray NDT system and x-ray tube manufacturing.

The major products of Dandong Ronghua include x-ray tubes, x-ray NDT systems and x-ray analysis instruments. We have as many as 49 x-ray instruments and 78 x-ray tubes to meet various needs of our customers.

We are a customer-orientated company, dedicated to provide products and service with quality to users with 100% satisfaction.

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